Face Your Fears


Nathan Price

Production Co.


In ‘Face Your Fears’ a young boy must stand up to his greatest fear-his own unique imagined Monster.

Working closely with Director Nathan Price from Ruskin, Fathom designed a unique creature. Amorphous in form, a complex rigging system enabled the Monster to change its shape and gait whilst chasing down its prey. 

The Monster’s look-dev was inspired by bioluminescence found in amphibious creatures, along with trees, bark and lichen.

Film Stills

Character Development

Making Of

VFX Supervisor

Rhys Dippie

Lead Compositor

Frank Rueter


Kara Vandeleur

Lucy Zhang

Character Design

Josh Fourt-Wells

3D Artists

Anastasia Fileva

Craig Speakman

Elliot Stronge

Marco Sgubin

3D Animators

Josh Fourt-Wells

Geoff Kirk-Smith

Grëgoire Dehame

Lukas Niklaus

Benjamin Mulot

Garrick Rawlingson